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Get Relief in Chronic Muscle Pain with Deep Tissue Massage in South Surrey

Are you experiencing chronic pain, muscle tension, or limited range of motion? Deep tissue massage therapy may be an effective treatment option for you. Ocean Park Massage Therapy Clinic is proud to offer skilled Registered Massage Therapists with experience and strength to provide a beneficial deep tissue massage in Surrey.

Our Registered Massage Therapists use various techniques to target the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle holding the tension and pain. This approach can help break up scar tissue, improve blood flow, and reduce adhesions and inflammation, improving muscle function and relieving pain.

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Deep-tissue massage is highly recommended for:

  • Chronic pain/muscle spasms

  • Reduced range of motion

  • General muscle tension

  • Headaches

In addition to its physical benefits, deep-tissue massage therapy can help promote overall wellness. Book a treatment today!

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Help With Chronic Muscle Pain

Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing tension from your muscles by employing deep pressure to create change.

Happy Customer Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

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Friendly & Professional

“Plenty of parking.  Lovely clean area.  Shauna Fairholm is very friendly and professional. She sure knows where all the knots are!  I will be back. Highly recommend this place.”

5 stars

- Charlotte S.

Self-care Tips for Post-deep Tissue Massage Recovery

Deep tissue massage can leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. At Ocean Park Massage Therapy Clinic in Surrey, we understand the importance of post-massage care to maximize the benefits of your deep tissue session. Here are some self-care tips to enhance your post-massage recovery:


  • Hydrate well: After a deep tissue massage, your body releases toxins; proper hydration is vital to flush them out. Drink plenty of water to aid in detoxification and keep your body well-hydrated. This supports overall recovery and helps prevent soreness.

  • Listen to your body: Pay attention to how your body responds after a deep tissue massage. It's normal to experience some soreness, but if you notice any unusual pain or discomfort, consult with our experienced therapists at Ocean Park Massage Therapy Clinic. They can provide guidance and adjustments for future sessions.

  • Gentle stretches: Incorporate gentle stretching into your routine to maintain flexibility and release muscle tension. Your therapist may recommend specific stretches based on your individual needs.

  • Warm baths or showers: A warm bath or shower can soothe your muscles and enhance relaxation. Adding Epsom salts can further alleviate muscle soreness and promote a sense of calm.

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Optimize Your Well-being with Ocean Park Massage Therapy Clinic

Ready to experience the ultimate relaxation and recovery? Book your deep tissue massage in Surrey at Ocean Park Massage Therapy Clinic today.

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